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For fastest service, we encourage you to order online. You can also order online to pick up later in the day. 

We are offering limited service right now as we learn the processes and test the equipment.


We are located directly across the street from Harding's in downtown Galesburg inside the UGLY old white gas station building, which is soon to be all fixed up. The gas station on the point, which some of you may remember as Piper's Grinders, is connected to the brown building behind it. Parking and entrance for Prospector's in on the west side of the building, in the brown building side. We are still waiting for our signs to be made...

Here at Prospector's we try, whenever possible, to avoid preservatives and use ingredients you can pronounce while still being delicious. We also try to eliminate food waste; we will NEVER use Styrofoam and any plastics we do use are made from recycled materials AND can recycle them again.

Enjoy your favorite dishs at home. (1).png

Proudly serving local

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